Monday, March 17, 2014

Cheese, Shopping, Amish, and Spring!

One of the nice things about living in Wisconsin is... Cheese! 

Occasionally I will hear of a really good deal on a large block of cheese. Like a 40 lb. block for 1.67/#. That's a lot of cheese. This time my friend and I split a 40 lb. block of colby. Delicious stuff. 

(Those big pieces come out when I get to the end of a chunk - no shortage of willing cheese eaters to take care of those.)

Problem is we can't use that much before it starts to mold. So I took a few minutes this evening to shred most of it to freeze. I don't have much success freezing it in blocks or even slices. It just crumbles when thawed. 
Some helpers I had.

And the finished pile.

It appears as though I got tired of filling bags. Each bag looks like I filled it a little fuller.☺Those are gallon size bags. Wonder how long it will last? I've never really kept track in the past - but my prediction is less than 3 months.
One more thing that I love about living in this area is the Organic Valley deals. Local businesses like bent n dent and bulk food type stores get the overstock from Organic Valley to sell at a reduced price to us fortunate folks. Like this 1/2 gallon of heavy whipping cream for 2.99. 

Also just recently got 3 lbs of cream cheese for 3.69, 1/2 gallon of half and half for 1.59, and once 4 oz. feta cheese crumbles for .50. 


In other adventures...
My mom came over early this morning to babysit my children while I took my friend to a dental appointment in the big city. Otherwise known as Madison, WI. It's about an hour and a half from my place. That's where we go when we want to go to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and a mall. We skipped the mall today and hit Aldi, St. Vincents, and Target instead. Ate at Panera Bread for lunch. Yummo. It was a fun day. 

When I was loading groceries into the back of my van at Whole Foods an elderly gentlemen came up and asked where I was from. I told him the name of my town and that it was about an hour and a half away. 
"Northwest?" he asked. 
I said yes. He said he comes up this way on occasion and spends time with some Amish up here and mentioned a few names I did not recognize. Then he mentioned one that owns a small grocery store. I was just there last week!(and got stuck and the Amish man and his son had to push me out.) Small world. He then stated, "You're Mennonite." Wow, this guy is good. He said he has been connecting with Amish since the 60s and has visited Lancaster, PA. You never know who you'll meet at Whole Foods. But most of them will be carrying in reusable bags. ;)

In other news...
I can now see the entire top and a lot of the sides of my twelve inch raised bed in my backyard. 
The snow is disappearing. 
Spring is almost here! 

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