Saturday, March 8, 2014

A little of this and a little of that...

The dreaded sickness has hit our family finally. I don't know why we can hold off all winter just until spring is almost here and then it comes. I am so very, very thankful that this is our first bout of sickness for the winter though and that it does not involve vomit. Dyllon and Traimley are both coughing and wheezing and Traimley has a fever and runny nose. Kaelin had a touch of it earlier in the week, but hers is pretty much over and was a milder case. I feel a bit sore throatish and runny nosish, too. Hoping it doesn't hang around long. Or turn into pneumonia for the boys. Since when is pneumonia contagious anyway? It has been "going around" in our church.

It was a warmer day in the neighborhood today. I went for a walk. The sunshine felt so good. There was a pretty stiff breeze at times that was cold, but over all I enjoyed my walk immensely and am looking forward to taking more of them now. Unfortunately my walking 5 days a week got put on hold because the temps dropped back below zero. I just can't make myself go walking in those conditions. Hoping hoping the forecast is right for a sunny 51 degrees on Monday.

I'm loving the buy, sell, trade facebook groups. I got a dishwasher (portable) that makes my kitchen fuller, but I love! how much easier and more often my dishes get done. And now I just got a carseat/stroller combo for the new baby.

Yes, I'm only 24 weeks, but I'm already digging into the baby stuff. I sorted through little clothes this week, too. Kaelin had great fun looking at all the stuff with me. She kept asking "Does that fit me?" when I would hold up a little dress. I guess she wishes she could still wear some of her old clothes. I have my tiny diaper covers from AssuntaStore. (Yes, call me crazy but, I am planning to cloth diaper this time around.) They are adorable. I can't wait to use them. I washed the carseat very well and put it all back together so it is ready to go. Trying to figure out what I need yet - if anything - for the garage sale season coming up. I've got a serious case of baby fever and can hardly wait until June!

Of course the hip pain I've been experiencing lately has me wishing the time would fly by, too. Kaelin asked me today if the baby is coming in the spring. I said not until summer. She said "But mom, I can't wait that long!" :)

A few pictures yet of the kids enjoying the snow on a warm day this week. I haven't gone out with them much this winter, because I'm a wimp and don't like to go out for long periods of time when it's less than 20 degrees. So that was pretty much all winter. :)

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