Thursday, February 20, 2014


I keep thinking about starting. And then I don't. So today I decided to just post something. :)

Just some info about our family this year:

My husband is wonderful and amazing! :) He also finally is a full time employee after bouncing around part time for the last 3 years. We are so grateful and rejoicing about that. He enjoys troubleshooting computer problems and fixing them. He buys non-working laptops to fix up and resell for a hobby. He's a great daddy to our children. 

I'm a SAHM. Currently halfway through my fifth pregnancy. I'm a hopeless procrastinator trying to turn over a new leaf. I love being a mom to my 3 little people most of the time. A few of my current interests and passions are improving my health through walking 5 days a week and eating Trim Healthy Mama style(I lost 40 lbs. doing this alone), reading through the Bible this year and writing a prayer journal, learning how to better disciple my children, and organizing my home and making it a restful haven for our family (quite the challenge when you have a small home and a lot of stuff). 


Kaelin is my beautiful, princessy 5 year old. We are working through Rod and Staff ABC Preschool workbooks. She loves it. I think she's ready to start reading if I just take the time to teach her. She knows all her letters and sounds by sight. She loves to read letters to me off of whatever book, magazine, box, sign she sees and ask me what word it spells. I'm excited about this new stage for her. I love(d) school and want the same for my children. She is my right hand helper - often asking what she can do to help. Although she often specifies "in the kitchen and not in the living room". She dislikes picking up toys... :p She is a good organizer of activities for her siblings. Rather bossy at times, but she can be really sweet and good with her brothers, too. She is so excited about having a new baby. I think she will be a big help with that, too. Her favorite color is pink, with red and purple being the runners up. Her love language is definitely quality time - she loves to do things with mommy and daddy.

Dyllon is my 3 year old. Looks just like his daddy. His big brown eyes just melt me. :) He is a deep thinker and the one that is funny without trying. :) He asks me questions that I'm not sure how to answer sometimes. He has been following along with Kaelin's school work and knows the numbers and letters and sounds almost as well as, if not better than, her. He is the one who loves snuggles and hugs - which makes me think his love language is physical touch.

Traimley is my baby. 2 years old. Such a fun stage. He is so sweet and cute and often people say he looks like daddy, too. But I think otherwise. :) He is our latest talker so far and has just finally started speaking more. He loves to go, go, go. In fact right now I hear him saying, "I weddy a doh!" Interpretation :"I'm ready to go". He loves his big brother and sister and is soooo hurt when they don't want to include him in their play. He loves babies and is happy to sit and hold one for lots longer than I think he will. I think he will love his baby sister. 

Yes, that's right, I said sister! 

According to our u/s baby number 5 is another girl. We are all pretty happy about that. Kaelin especially so. :) Due June 26 - July 2. Which means we don't really know. First ultrasound said June 26, but my calculations said July 2. My second u/s said somewhere in between the two dates. I always hope for an early one - which I was right 2 out of 3. 

And in case your wondering about this being number 5. Our firstborn, Ariana, was stillborn at 27 weeks gestation. Always treasured in my heart. <3

I guess that's good enough for a start. :)